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I Squirt!! Video

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11/23/2018 | 23:08 | Categories: Blowjobs, fuck, Men, Squirting


I was in LA and told Porno Dan I would come down to his studio and do a show with him. I got there and he had gotten a magic wand for our show together. This one was a little different because it had a smaller head to it but when you cut it on high it REALLY zapped you good. We started the show and he pulled it out and he said he wanted to try a new technique on me so I let him. He started with the wand on my clit for a bit then he started fingering my pussy really deep. Oh my gosh!! I have never had such a deep orgasm, suddenly I started contracting and a big gush of water came out of my pussy all over his hand. I squirted for the first time! I could not believe it. Dan go so turned on he started fucking me right there. I must say it did feel soooo good! I wanted to try the wand again to see if I could squirt again. He started fingering my pussy again and out came another gush of water. Wow, who would have known I could squirt! That orgasm was so good too. I am going to have to get one of those magic wands for myself!

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