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Marcus London makes me squirt! Video

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01/06/2019 | 26:32 | Categories: Blowjobs, fuck, fucking, Men, Squirting, titfuck


I had been wanting to hook up with Marcus for awhile. He is a hottie and when I was finally about to meet him I was so excited. When I got to his place, we talked for awhile and he was telling me how he could make any girl squirt. He had this special technique that worked every time. Whats a girl to do? I wanted to see if he could do the same on me. He started working my pussy with his fingers and before I knew it I has such an intense orgasm and water was gushing all over the table! All I wanted to do after that was fuck his brains out in every position I could think of..and I did ;)

Marcus London makes me squirt! Video

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